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Google new privacy tools

To provide consumers more control over undesired personal images posted online and to ensure that explicit or graphic images do not readily surface in search results, Google is unveiling new privacy features.

Users will be able to delete non-consensual and explicit photographs of themselves from searches thanks to changes to Google's policies on personal explicit images.

The change implies that anyone can ask for explicit content to be removed from Google search, even if they have developed and uploaded it to a website but no longer want it to be found there. Additionally, the request submission forms have been streamlined. Images that users are currently and actively commercializing are not covered by the policy.

The policies also apply to websites that hold personal data.

Google will also launch a brand-new dashboard that will tell consumers of search results that include their contact information. This dashboard will initially only be made available in the US in English. Then, users can immediately ask Google to remove these results. When fresh search results appear that include a user's information, the tool will also notify them.

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