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Singapore: Promoting Fairness, Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency (FEAT) in AI and Data Analytics in Singapore’s Financial Sector

n an era where artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics (AIDA) are increasingly used in decision-making for financial products and services, Singapore has introduced a set of Principles to ensure these technologies are used responsibly and ethically. These Principles aim to mitigate the risks associated with AIDA, which can lead to systematic misuse and widespread impacts if not properly managed. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), along with industry stakeholders, developed these Principles through the Fairness, Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency (FEAT) Committee to provide a robust framework for the financial sector.

Objectives of the FEAT Principles

  1. Guidance for Firms: Offer foundational principles for financial firms to consider when using AIDA in decision-making.

  2. Operational Governance: Help firms integrate and apply governance standards for AIDA within their business models.

  3. Public Trust: Enhance public confidence in the use of AIDA by ensuring its responsible deployment.

Summary of the FEAT Principles


  • Justifiability: AIDA-driven decisions should not systematically disadvantage individuals or groups unless justified. The use of personal attributes in decisions must be justified.

  • Accuracy and Bias: Data and models must be regularly reviewed for accuracy and relevance to minimize unintentional bias. AIDA decisions should be periodically reviewed to ensure they function as intended.


  • AIDA use should align with the firm’s ethical standards, values, and codes of conduct. Decisions made by AIDA should meet the same ethical standards as those made by humans.


  • Internal Accountability: The use of AIDA should be approved by an appropriate internal authority. Firms are responsible for both internally developed and externally sourced AIDA models.

  • External Accountability: Data subjects should have channels to inquire about, appeal, and request reviews of AIDA-driven decisions. Supplementary data provided by subjects should be considered in these reviews.


  • Firms should disclose the use of AIDA to data subjects to boost public confidence. Clear explanations should be provided about the data used, how it affects decisions, and the potential consequences of these decisions.

Detailed Insights

Fairness The principles of fairness ensure that AIDA-driven decisions are justifiable and accurate. Firms should have governance frameworks to assess the appropriateness of data attributes used in AIDA decisions. Regular reviews and validations are necessary to maintain accuracy and minimize bias.

Ethics Ethical standards for AIDA should reflect the firm’s overall ethical guidelines. This includes company values, codes of conduct, and mission statements, ensuring that AIDA decisions uphold these principles.

Accountability Accountability involves clear ownership and responsibility for AIDA decisions within the firm. Internal governance should ensure that all AIDA uses are appropriately authorized. External accountability ensures that data subjects can seek recourse and understand decisions affecting them.

Transparency Transparency involves providing clear explanations about data usage and decision-making processes without exposing proprietary information. This balance helps improve public understanding and trust while safeguarding the integrity of AIDA models.

Implementation and Industry Cooperation

The FEAT Principles were co-created with the financial industry, emphasizing collaborative efforts to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AIDA. MAS has engaged with various financial institutions to ensure these Principles are practical and applicable. The implementation of these Principles will foster a responsible and ethical approach to using AI and data analytics in the financial sector, promoting fairness, ethics, accountability, and transparency.

By adhering to the FEAT Principles, financial firms in Singapore can harness the benefits of AIDA while mitigating potential risks, thereby enhancing their decision-making processes and maintaining public trust in their operations.

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