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USA: CCPA regulation revisions proposed

Release Date: December 1, 2023

The California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) unveils proposed CCPA regulation revisions, to be discussed at the December 8 board meeting. Here's the scoop:

1️⃣ Six Sets of Draft Regulations: Board meeting agenda covers (1) cybersecurity audits, (2) automated decision-making tech, (3) risk assessments, (4) CCPA regulation revisions, (5) insurance, and (6) data broker registry fees.

2️⃣ Enforcement Delay & New Sensitive Data Category: Despite awaiting enforcement of prior CCPA revisions, the Agency introduces a new category— "personal info of consumers under 16." Aligned with other state laws, this inclusion mirrors evolving privacy standards.

3️⃣ Monetary Threshold & Fines Boost: Proposed new section 7005 raises the business definition threshold from $25M to $27,975,000. Potential fines per violation surge to $2,797.50 (from $2,500) and $8,392.50 (from $7,500) for intentional violations.

4️⃣ Consent/Dark Patterns Evolve: Regulation section 7004 sees ongoing revisions regarding consent, dark patterns, and choice architecture. Aligning with Colorado's rules, these changes aim for a more cohesive approach.

5️⃣ Clarity on Third Parties: The proposed clarification emphasizes that businesses disclose personal info to service providers or contractors, not "for a business purpose."

6️⃣ Notice of Right to Limit Sensitive Info: A new subsection mandates businesses to provide this notice in the same manner they collect sensitive personal info, ensuring uniformity with opt-out notices.

7️⃣ Requests to Delete Modifications: Businesses, service providers, and contractors must implement measures to ensure deleted info remains so. The proposal addresses potential re-collection issues.

8️⃣ Right to Complain: If a business denies various requests, consumers must be informed of their right to complain to the Agency and the Attorney General, linking to respective complaint forms.

9️⃣ Opt-Out Preference Signals Return: The requirement for businesses to display if they processed a consumer's opt-out preference signal makes a comeback.

Take a deep dive into the proposed changes in the article below for a comprehensive understanding!

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